Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner at The Hil in Serenbe

What a spectacular development Serenbe is!  If you haven't been down for a stay, then at least treat yourself to a drive through the beautiful land and a meal at The Hil Restaurant.  The restaurant's farm to table menu was our inspiration for this Rehearsal Dinner.  We keep it simple with an earthy feel.  Potted rosemary and lavendar topiaries were scattered down the middle of the farm tables with seasonal flowers in budvases, as well.  To give the table more interest, we added iron candleabra which gave the room a romantic feel once the sun was down. 
In addition to the flowers and decor, we worked with CalligrEmmy on the menus, table cards, and name cards.  The couple is known for their love of music, so they wanted to name the tables after names of bands who they had seen in concert together.  The name cards telling you which table you were assigned was in the shape of a CD.  Emmy did a fantastic job with her beautiful calligraphy and it brought everything together seamlessly!
Enjoy some pictures from this most special evening


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Parties and Showers

We LOVED this summer!  It was full of parties and showers that we were able to bring to life and color with our flower arrangements. 
While we still love digging in the dirt, we are loving the opportunities to beautify events with cut flowers. This fall, we are taking on a wedding and a rehearsal dinner where we are handling all decor...SO FUN! Stay tuned to hear about those!
In the meantime, here is what we were up to this summer in the world of parties: 
Fabulous pink arrangement for a Baby Shower for a little girl.
Hydrangeas, Lillies, and Roses...oh my!

Engagement Party Composition.
Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, and Delphinium!

A luncheon at the Piedmont Driving Club to celebrate little Frances' Christening

Hydrangeas, Lisianthus, Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, and Seeded Eucalyptus

Another shower celebrating a sweet baby girl!

Hydrangea, Roses, and Stock in a mossed basket

A masterpiece for a Christening Luncheon in the works! 
Hydrangeas, Roses, and Gerbers are made wild with vines!

Splendid Spring and Summer

Whoah...Where does the time go??  Spring sprung and Summer swiftly sizzled away.  I know we have been absent on our blog, but we have been busy as bees for the past few months!! Enjoy some pictures below of some of our work from spring plantings. 
As the dog days of summer are winding down, we know that container and flower bed plantings can start to look tired.  We can refresh with warm weather annuals to last until the first frost, or we can prep and give your pots a rest until fall annuals are ready in late September or early October.  It's just too hot for mums, pansies, and violas (try to ignore them when you see them in retail stores!!) 
Shady awesomeness...Ferns, Angel Wing Begonias, Miss Muffet Caladiums, Torenia

Ivy Topiaries and Torenia

Sasanqua Camellia, Heuchera, and Angel Wings

Loving that Kimberly Queen Ferns take SUNSHINE!

Color explosion with Mandevilla vine, Verbena, Petunias, and Calibrachoa

Fantastic Boxwood 3-ball Topiaries

Love, love, love replanting this every season.  Ferns and Ivy stay year round and allow enough room for seasonal color.

I'll have my boxwood topiary with a view of downtown and Stone Mountain, please!

Loving Torenia this year!!

Torenia and New Guinea Impatiens loving this raised garden!

Sleepy Boykin Spaniels

My most favorite hanging basket every year!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is almost here!!!

I know, I know…it has felt like Spring for weeks, but we still have to be careful about planting too early.  On average, the last freeze in Atlanta is the first week in April.  Hopefully, this won’t be the case this year, and we can get some annuals planted in time for Easter.  Though, this mild winter may have your violas and pansies happy through April!  PLEASE make sure to read this whole post.   The end has very important information on why NOT to plant Impatiens this year. 
Email us TODAY to get on our calendar!  We are already booking up quickly in April and May!!
 Keep us in mind for your spring annual container and flower bed plantings, interior plantings, veggie/herb plantings, and your parties this spring and summer!!
Boxwoods underplanted with Begonias and Thyme

Color explosion!  Madevilla, Gaura, Vinca, and Verbena!
Aspidistra, Angel Wing Begonias, and Ivy
Sasanqua Camellia, Caladiums, and Ivy

Spring Engagement Party.  Peonies!  Roses!  Tulips!

Summer Engagement Party.  Hydrangeas! Stock! Roses!

VERY Important note about Impatiens & Downy Mildew 

Below is the information that we received from our wholesale nursery.  We trust these guys completely and if they are not willing to sell Impatiens at the risk of spreading Downy Mildew, then we certainly are not willing to take the risk of planting them from anywhere.  You will see Impatiens in retail stores…it is our strong suggestion that no one plant them.  Here is why…
First, this downy mildew, Plasmopara obducens, affects the common bedding impatien,
Impatien walleriana, not New Guinea impatiens(Impatien hawkerii).
Second, although the reports of downy mildew in the U.S. have been sporadic, they range from California to New York. Please note: downy mildew has now been reported along the east coast of Florida) According to Dr. Colleen Warfield, corporate pathologist for Ball
Seed, "The incidence and distribution of this disease in North America may be even greater than realized due to unfamiliarity with the signs and symptoms of the disease, especially as seen in landscape settings" She continues,"The latent period between infection and visible symptoms is of concern because infected plants could potentially be shipped or moved without even knowing there is a disease problem" (Growertalks Jan.2012, p. 78).
Finally, (for today) downy mildew is, in a word, nasty. It produces not one, but two types of spore. The short lived spores (zoospores) can become airborne, accounting for its rapid spread. The long lived spores(oospores) are not unlike Anthrax spores in that they
armor themselves and may persist in the soil for years.”

In light of this report, we felt that it best to air on the side of caution in order to avoid this rather disgusting sounding mildew.  On the bright side, there are many other options for shade and part shade.  We will be planting lots of Begonias…baby wing, angel wing, and dragon wing!  Torenia is a beautiful part-shade spiller and Lobelia is wonderful fine-textured part-shade bloomer, as well.  Finally, Caladiums and Coleus have many leaf-colored options that bring a splash to your shady areas.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about Impatiens and Downy Mildew.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines''s that time again!

Valentines’ Day Gifts

Yep…it’s right around the corner. After the craze of the holidays and the hoop-lah of New Years, Valentines’ Day seems to really sneak up and take us by surprise. Luckily for you, Container Gardening is on top of things!! th to a cut flower shop! Potted orchids are the Valentine that gives for weeks and weeks. Intimidated by an orchid? We also offer potted hydrangeas, cyclamen, or bulbs! Give us a call today to ensure that you’re in good graces on this annual day of love.
Don’t find yourself running out on February 14

Give us a call by TOMORROW for special pre-booking prices!

Special Valentines’ Day Pricing
These prices available if you book by February 7
Orchid (using your container / CG provides) $70 / $80
Hydrangea (using your container / CG provides) $40 / $50
Bulbs—Tulips, Daffodils, or other avails (using your container / CG provides) $40/$50

*All orchids are staked with beautiful willow, and all compositions are finished with moss at the base.
**Ferns or ivy can be added to any composition for $6 per plant.
***CG provides pots comparable to clay terra cotta. More decorative containers can be requested for an additional cost.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble!! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Gobble Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys!
We hope that everyone has a safe and delicious one this year!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we already have our minds set on lush Christmas decor and decking the Halls! If you haven't gotten in touch with us yet, CALL or EMAIL SOON!! There are only a few weeks to get everything ready for the holiday season and we are booking up fast!

In addition to providing our desing and time to decorate your homes, we are also selling our beautiful Cedar and Magnolia garlands (wreaths too!) to those who prefer to decorate on their own.  Call or Email for pricing.

Monday, September 12, 2011

FALL is almost here!!!

Wow. What an exhausting summer. I spent most of mine with a watering can or hose in hand…I bet you did too! This cooler weather has us in a Fall kind of mood. We even planted Mums yesterday! It will be the first of October before Pansies, Violas, Kale, Cabbages, and all those other Fall goodies are readily available.

Call us TODAY to get on our calendar. We are already booking up quickly in late September and October!!

Annual Fall Plantings

Pansies!  Violas!  Cabbages! Kale!  Snapdragons!  YES PLEASE!

Christmas Decorations

I know it sounds CRAZY to think about now, but we pre-order in October, so get on our books now!

Weddings and Parties

Remember Container Gardening when planning your next event.  We can handle anything 'flower' or decor!

Looking forward to another season in your garden!!

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