Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines''s that time again!

Valentines’ Day Gifts

Yep…it’s right around the corner. After the craze of the holidays and the hoop-lah of New Years, Valentines’ Day seems to really sneak up and take us by surprise. Luckily for you, Container Gardening is on top of things!! th to a cut flower shop! Potted orchids are the Valentine that gives for weeks and weeks. Intimidated by an orchid? We also offer potted hydrangeas, cyclamen, or bulbs! Give us a call today to ensure that you’re in good graces on this annual day of love.
Don’t find yourself running out on February 14

Give us a call by TOMORROW for special pre-booking prices!

Special Valentines’ Day Pricing
These prices available if you book by February 7
Orchid (using your container / CG provides) $70 / $80
Hydrangea (using your container / CG provides) $40 / $50
Bulbs—Tulips, Daffodils, or other avails (using your container / CG provides) $40/$50

*All orchids are staked with beautiful willow, and all compositions are finished with moss at the base.
**Ferns or ivy can be added to any composition for $6 per plant.
***CG provides pots comparable to clay terra cotta. More decorative containers can be requested for an additional cost.