Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Pope's!

It is such a joy to go back to the Pope's home for every install! Not only are they the kindest people, but they get an A++ for taking care of their containers :)

We installed this Kimberly Queen Fern with impatiens in April...and here it is at the end of October?!?! Oh, how I wish I had a 'before' picture....7 of these were spaced along the edge of their back patio and they just looked FABULOUS!! It was so hard to replace them with Fall plantings, but the first freeze would nip these!
Ferns, Mustard Greens, Cabbage, Pansies, and Ivy.....aaaaahhhhh.....

We just love these windowboxes that are on the Carriage house...precious!

The Buzzell's

Our fall continues to make us smile...lovely plants, lovely people, and lovely homes.
I love my job!
The Buzzell's did a beautiful renovation to their home. Mary Allison has an amazing eye that shows on the inside and outside of their home. Make sure to look at her blog for inspiration or help on design--

Mailbox flower bed...violas, ferns, and cabbage. Yay Fall!

One of our favorite combos of the season...Aspidistra, ferns, violas, and ivy. Perfect for a shady porch or patio.

Love it!

Interior orchid with curly willow. They make such a statement when placed in front of a mirror--it really does double the effect!