Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner at The Hil in Serenbe

What a spectacular development Serenbe is!  If you haven't been down for a stay, then at least treat yourself to a drive through the beautiful land and a meal at The Hil Restaurant.  The restaurant's farm to table menu was our inspiration for this Rehearsal Dinner.  We keep it simple with an earthy feel.  Potted rosemary and lavendar topiaries were scattered down the middle of the farm tables with seasonal flowers in budvases, as well.  To give the table more interest, we added iron candleabra which gave the room a romantic feel once the sun was down. 
In addition to the flowers and decor, we worked with CalligrEmmy on the menus, table cards, and name cards.  The couple is known for their love of music, so they wanted to name the tables after names of bands who they had seen in concert together.  The name cards telling you which table you were assigned was in the shape of a CD.  Emmy did a fantastic job with her beautiful calligraphy and it brought everything together seamlessly!
Enjoy some pictures from this most special evening