Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

No...not yet, at least. In fact, it is only mid-February, but according to a little groundhog named Phil, it IS on the way!

'Punxsutawny Phil'

I'm not usually a believer in groundhogs...or weathermen for that matter! What I can't deny is that I saw Forsithia blooming on my walk today and BULBS that are coming up in my yard. They are weeks from blooming, but that little bit of fresh, new green is making me SO happy! I know exactly where I planted the bulbs last autumn. It's hard to forget scooting around on your hands and knees while planting 250 bulbs....yes, 250. Tulips and Daffodils. I love them. I've run around my yard like a crazy flower lady moving pine straw away to see if there are more coming up than I can see.

Forsithia blooming. First burst of color for weeeeeeeeeeeeks.
Bright yellow Daffodils on a clear early Spring day :)
I usually prefer a soft yellow, but there is something about that pop of Daffodil that makes me smile. Maybe it's the anticipation on what the new Spring will bring. Maybe it's the happy little face of the flower. All I know is it means Spring is starting.

Ahhhh...........Tulips. Who doesn't love these?

With all of this spring thinking in my yard, I got to thinking about YOUR gardens and containers. Lets plan! It's never too early to get on our calendar and to talk ideas. If you need a little something to hold you over until Spring officially arrives, call us for a fabulous interior arrangement to get you there....think hydrangeas, tulips, cyclamen, hyacinth, or orchids.....or all of them!?!?!

Wishing you all a speedy end to this winter. Think warm, bright yellow thoughts!

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