Friday, January 9, 2009

Spring....oh beautiful Spring!

A dazzling example of a poolside spring planting. Whites and greens complement each other so well. Sometimes that's all the color you need....simple and elegant!


Patrick and Caroline said...

this arrangement makes me want to own a pool! y'all are off to amazing stuff...i'm incredibly excited for you both. -pook

Ann said...

I love it. I knew your mother in high school. We were at Northside together the same year. You are both every bit as beautiful as she.
Your work with plants, containers, gardens and art is such a dazzling legacy to her. Fruit does not fall far from the tree....
I wish you were her in Seattle. I could use your help!
Much love,
Ann Lokey

katie said...

So proud of you Mary Delia and Anne Bolling!! What a beautiful legacy to carry on!

Can you open a branch in NYC and give me great discounts??!

Love you both!
Katie Kerns